Middle: Jane and Donna found a crawl south WW#4 up high on the beach and with lots of dark excavated sand. Bill went to work with them and they went through the procedure. Donna located the soft sand and she and Jane dug down to find the eggs…DEB12 go team!

Hobcaw: Brandie, walking alone today, had 2 U-turn false crawls and 2 natural nests! One nest was textbook and the other turtle plowed along the base of the dune for a distance. This did not bother Brandie as she easily located both!

HOB17 north #11 HOB18 north #7mm

Certification: Our first volunteer to earn his certification is Bob Baird! He joined us last season but with so few nests he did not get enough experience. This year he made certification a goal and walked different sections of the beach training with a variety of volunteers 3-5 days a week. Bob has had multiple nests (5 last week) and learned the many aspects of “doing turtles”. He is a retired family medicine physician who moved to DeBordieu in 2017 with his wife, Denise, from Lancaster, Pa. He enjoys woodworking, cooking, reading and biking. Bob’s medical skills will serve him well with his new patients…loggerheads! We are so proud of you, Bob:)

DEB 12 HOB 18 SCUTE 82 SC 2065

6-2 Jane and Donna found DEB12 with a lot of excavated sand just south of WW#4 in the Middle.
6-2 Jane and Donna are happy to have located DEB12 and protect the nest.
6-2 HOB17 was a textbook nest with a loopy crawl. Brandie easily found the egg chamber.
6-2 HOB18 was a bit more difficult crawl but that was not problem for Brandie:)
6-2 We are so proud to certify Bob who made this a goal. He walked often, worked on multiple nests with a variety of certified volunteers and has great organizational skills. We certainly will need him this busy nesting season.
Congratulations Bob!