This morning’s activity has put us at 101 nests…yahoo!! We are on our way to breaking our 2013 record of 108…a reason to celebrate!

North: Judy K. and Maribeth found a suspect crawl just north of the Beach Club. Finding no other activity, they returned and Maribeth made short order of locating the egg chamber!

DEB46 natural north #5mm 

Middle: Donna subbed for Jane and had 3 crawls that she felt were all the same turtle:
DEBFC23 False crawl south WW#10  U turn

DEBFC24 False crawl north WW#7 U turn

DEBFC25 False crawl north WW#6 climbed up on dune in vegetation
Hobcaw: Brandie and Ryan had a bounty of activity with 5 crawls! They did a great job and had the honor of finding the 100th nest!! Here is how it all worked out:

HOB54 natural south #12mm (#100)

HOB55 natural south #3mm 

HOBFC35 false crawl south #1mm (open chamber-coyote tracks)
HOBFC36 false crawl north #2mm (open chamber)
HOBFC37 false crawl WW#12 beside steps at low sea wall 

DEB 46 HOB 55 SCUTE 269 SC 6561

7-7 This crawl and body pit just north of the Beach Club had all the classic signs of a nest.
7-7 Maribeth worked on her probing technique and easily located DEB46.
7-7- DEB46 natural, located and marked by Maribeth!
7-7 Brandie and Ryan found this crawl south#12mm on Hobcaw.
7-7 Brandie, with help from Ryan, located HOB54. It was the 100th nest for DeBordieu & Hobcaw!
7-7 Brandie located the egg chamber of HOB55, just south #3mm.
7-7 This turtle left an open chamber maybe due to roots or she could have been scared off by coyotes. Brandie and Ryan reported tracks nearby.