North: Judie E. found activity north #8mm where the turtle must have crawled over her body pit as she exited. She probed, located a soft spot in shelly sand and found eggs…way to go Judie!
DEB27  natural 33.380780  -79.146888

Hobcaw: Wendy and Duane were immediately greeted with 2 crawls in Ocean Green! They headed on to the inlet but found no other activity. Returning, Duane easily located his first nest…yay Duane!

HOB28  natural  north #0mm 

The next crawl proved to be tough and Duane got good experience. The turtle scaled the tall, pushed up dune and there was a long area of fluffy sand indicating covering of a nest. After many probes and holes dug, Duane found the egg chamber close to the end of the incoming crawl…good job!

HOB29  natural  south WW#12 

Article: This article appeared this week in the NY Times. It is good news about nesting in GA but is also reflective of SC/NC seasons:

DEB 27 HOB 29 SCUTE 147 SC 3694 (almost 1000 nests in a week!)

6-15 Judie found this crawl north #8 and turned it into a natural nest…DEB27!
6-15 This turtle nested in Ocean Green against the newly pushed up dune. Duane probed and easily located his first nest…HOB28!
6-15 This turtle climbed a high pushed up dune in Ocean Green and did some extensive covering of her nest.
6-15 Duane and Wendy examine the long stretch of area where the nest could be located.
6-15 Duane finally located the egg chamber of challenging HOB29 and found the turtle nested shortly after she reached the top of the dune. She was likely exhausted from her steep climb. Way to persevere, Duane!
6-15 Tired but glad to have found the egg chamber of HOB29, Wendy and Duane pause for a photo:)
6-15 This shows the strength of loggerheads to scale a soft dune like this one in Ocean Green. She certainly made sure HOB29 was high & dry!