Volunteers were busy in all three sections this morning with a total of 9 crawls…what an amazing nesting season! Many are asking about when nests will begin hatching. We expect that to happen mid-July.

North: Judy K. had 2 crawls:

DEB43  natural north #13mm (Prince George) 

DEBFC19  false crawl north #6mm (Ocean Park) 

Middle: Kathy C. had 1 crawl:

DEBFC20  false crawl south WW#5 

Hobcaw: Martha had 6 crawls and shared one with Kathy C.:

HOB48  natural north #8mm (low but above wrack line)

HOB49  natural south #1mm

HOB50  natural at #1mm 

HOB51  natural south #1mm  (Kathy C.)

HOBFC29  false crawl north #10mm 

HOBFC30  false crawl north #10mm 

DEB 43 HOB 51 SCUTE 243 SC 5898

7-2 Judy found the egg chamber of DEB43 high on a dune north #13mm at Prince George.
7-2 HOB48 was laid low on the beach but above the wrack line of a King Tide. Martha left it natural.
7-2 HOB49 located south #1mm and found by Martha.
7-2 Martha said HOB50 was a tidy turtle and laid her nest right at the #1mm.