We still seem to be in peak nesting with 4 nests today!

North: Barnacle Betty (barnacle on her belly causes a line up her crawl) returned for her 5th visit since Friday and FINALLY found a home for her eggs! Tom and Ingrid were happy to locate her nest:
DEB42 natural  north #8mm 

Hobcaw: Kathi A., subbing for Steven, had a big day with 4 crawls, 3 of which were nests!
HOB45  natural north #7mm 

HOB46  natural south #6mm 

HOB47  natural south #4mm 

HOBFC28  U-turn false crawl 

DEB 42 HOB 47 SCUTE 232 (new record!) SC 5840

7-1 Ingrid and Tom found Barnacle Betty’s 5th crawl since Friday. This time it was a nest!
7-1 HOB46 laid right behind HOB33 and could be the same turtle returning…if so, DNA will tell us!
7-1 Kathi found this textbook crawl and turned it into natural HOB47 just south of #4mm