North: Last night while Betsy was having dinner with a friend at the Gazebo, she got a call from DeBordieu Security around 7:45. A turtle had been spotted digging her nest in Ocean Park in front of the last house. The two got there quickly and saw the turtle beginning to cover her nest. As people mostly stayed back and with enough daylight remaining, Betsy, from behind the turtle, videoed to document the way loggerheads cover their nests and use it to educate viewers and volunteers.
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This morning, Judy K. was joined by Haden and they found the crawl of the Monday evening nester. Together they located the egg chamber:

DEB33 natural south #7mm in Ocean Green

Hobcaw: Kathi A. had Buffie and Mark with her this morning and it was a good thing! They had a total of 3 nests:

HOB34  natural on creekside of Hobcaw  Mark located

HOB35  natural north #2mm  Mark located

HOB36  natural north #0mm (Ocean Green)        Buffie located

DEB 33 HOB 36 SCUTE 170 SC 4262

6-19 Haden probes the crawl of DEB33, the turtle seen nesting last night around 8:00 p.m.
6-19 HOB34 is a turtle that likes to nest on the creekside of Hobcaw Beach. With Kathi’s instruction, Mark located the egg chamber.
6-19 HOB35 had a much longer outgoing crawl indicating the turtle spent some time on the beach!
6-19 Mark was glad to find the egg chamber of HOB35 between 2 dug holes.
6-19-19 Buffie digs in to locate the eggs of HOB36 north of #0mm in Ocean Green.
6-19-19 Congratulations to Buffie, Mark and Kathi A. on their 3 nest day!