10-2 Volunteers gather around DEB18 for the final inventory of 2018
10-2 Pat S. digs out the contents of the nest.
10-2 One of 12 hatchlings found in the chamber was put on the beach to crawl to the ocean.
10-2 Volunteers enjoyed the photo op with the many hatchlings.
10-2 Volunteers document the last nest with a group photo.
Middle: We had a good group of about a dozen volunteers to close out the 2018 season. As Pat S. dug out the deep nest, Wendy and Marie awaited the contents to count/sort. Pat brought out a few white shells and then a total of 12 hatchlings throughout the chamber in various stages of hatched/hatching! The dozen turtles were varied in shape, size and coloring.
This first emergence was at a very early 50 days and we believe it was crab-induced. It had a good success rate of about 82%. This was one of 3 relocated nests this season, moved by John, Pat S. and Marie under the guidance of Beth and Judy K. Congratulations team! It worked out that there was a hatchling for each volunteer to “shadow” to the ocean:) We made a toast to the 2018 season with our paper (not plastic) cups of champagne! Here’s to hopes for a record 2019 nesting season and the certification of many of our volunteers👍🐢