Wendy had a busy morning with a total of 6 crawls. A turtle made 3 attempts (false crawls) on the north end of Hobcaw. Gimpy made 2 attempts (total of 6) on the south end. Wendy felt that a crawl at #4mm had the potential of being a nest. Michael, who is working toward certification, had been out for an early run and saw all this activity. He came back to help. Working with Wendy, he probed the body pit and located the egg chamber…yay Michael! The nest was laid right at the king tide line so Michael got to do his first relocation:)

HOB01 north #4mm relocated to south #6mm 108 eggs +1 for DNA

DEB 0 HOB 1 SCUTE 10 SC 428

5-21-22 One of 5 false crawls on Hobcaw Beach this morning. This one was in Ocean Green where the turtle made a U turn.
5-21-22 Wendy was happy to see a typical body pit with nest potential north #4mm.
5-21-22 The turtle came up to the king tide line. Wendy knew it would need to be relocated if eggs were found. If ocean water pools on a nest it can suffocate the eggs.
5-21-22 Under Wendy’s guidance, Michael probed the body pit north #4mm and located the egg chamber! He got to do his first nest relocation. of 108 eggs + 1 for DNA.
5-21-22 Michael accomplished the relocation of HOB01 to safer habitat south #6mm for incubation. We are proud of you Michael!