Activity is definitely picking up!

North: Beth and Anita had multiple crawls! Here is how their morning worked out:

HOBFC03  south #15mm

DEB02 N  north #14mm   Beth located chamber  

DEB03 R  south #9mm  Anita located!  Relocated 112 eggs + 1 for DNA  just landward     112 eggs +1 for DNA   

Hobcaw: Martha found a crawl early into her walk with no additional activity south. The turtle crawled up to a very root-laden area and left an open chamber and did not nest.

HOBFC11  north #1mm   

Turtle TED Talk: This sea turtle presentation is one of the best we have ever seen:) Amber Kuehn, sea turtle coordinator for Hilton Head Island, is an excellent speaker and does a great job educating her audience.


DEB 3 HOB 3 SCUTE 17 SC 713

5-24-22 DEB02, located by Beth, was laid in a good location and left natural.
5-24-22 Anita and Beth document the first nest of their day, DEB02
5-24-22 DEB03, located by Anita, was not laid in an ideal area. Tidal inundation could suffocate the eggs. They relocated the nest of 112 eggs up to safer habitat.
5-24-22 Job well done, Beth and Anita, protecting DEB03!