Hobcaw: The only activity this morning was reported by Susan, subbing for Wendy. She found 2 crawls between #2mm and #4mm probably by the same large turtle. Each crawled up beside/to another nest and one had a shallow open chamber. Susan saw possible coyote tracks like the turtle might have been scared off (this happens on North Island).

HOBFC33  false crawl north #3mm (up to HOB12) shallow open chamber/coyote prints   

HOBFC34  false crawl north #2mm (next to HOB35)

DEB 45 HOB 53 SCUTE 261 SC 6460 (new state record!)

7-6 This turtle crawled right up to HOB12 just north #3mm.
7-6 Likely the same turtle, she crawled up beside HOB35 and did a tight turnaround without nesting.
7-6 The wide crawl of this turtle indicates she is large. Hopefully, she will try again tonight.