North: With the big crowds expected this week and next, Buffie and Mark put a wider border around DEB19 just north of the Beach Club walkway.

Middle: Walter had a crawl just north WW#7 where the turtle made a tight turn at the scarp but left no body pit, thrown sand, etc. and called it a false crawl.

Hobcaw: Steven had lots of activity starting with another crawl in Ocean Green where the turtle scaled the high pushed up dune and made a body pit right in the walkway path. While Steven and friend, Bevin, walked on to check other Hobcaw activity, Bill went and staked/taped off the body pit to keep it intact until it could be located and moved.

On their return walk from the inlet, Steven probed a crawl south #2mm that looked like a potential nest. He could not located a chamber and decided it was a false crawl. Steven had another crawl north #1mm and easily located that egg chamber. The nest was on a good slant and could be left natural. Great job today!

With Steven being so busy, Bill and Betsy went to the crawl in Ocean Green in the pathway. They located the chamber and moved the nest south of #0mm to the “nursery” where there are about 5 nests are incubating that have been relocated from Ocean Green.

DEB 25 HOB 19 SCUTE 107 SC 2879

6-28-21 Buffie & Mark surrounded DEB19 with a wider border to protect it better from the many people that will be on the beach in the Beach Club area.
6-28-21 A second turtle made the arduous climb up the dune in Ocean Green. Her choice of places to lay her eggs was not a good one:(
6-28-21 Steven was worried this nest, laid in the middle of the pathway, would get stepped on before he could return to relocate it. Bill temporarily staked it off.
6-28-21 After spending time probing a crawl south #2mm and finding no eggs, Steven easily located the egg chamber of HOB18 north #1mm on Hobcaw.
6-28-21 Steven was busy working on crawls to the south so Bill and Betsy went to help find and relocate HOB19. They moved it to the growing “nursery” area just south #0mm on Hobcaw.