Hobcaw: Carolyn and Marie walked for Susan this morning and had 4 crawls before the pilings! Marie, working toward certification, had a great experience probing and going through the procedure 4 times! Carolyn gave assistance when needed. By the 3rd and 4th crawls, the sun was getting higher and both were out of energy/water and retreated to the ocean!

HOB38  53 yds. south #6mm   HOB39  49 yds. north #5mm 

HOBFC51  26 yds. south #3mm  HOBFC52  85 yds. south #1mm 

HOB38, south #6mm was a textbook crawl that volunteers love to probe!
Dark, thrown sand, uprooted vegetation are indications that the turtle nested. Marie probed and found the egg chamber of HOB39…way to go!
Marie holds the egg from HOB39 that will be used for DNA testing.
Carolyn and Marie had a busy, hot morning with 4 crawls. By the end of their survey, they jumped in the water to cool down! We admire your dedication ladies:)

Gimpy story in Coastal Observer: Reporter Chris Sokoloski called to get an update on our turtle season and ended up doing a great story about Gimpy and her digging partner, Kathi A.! It is on the front page (above the fold) of this week’s edition. Pick up a copy and consider subscribing if you don’t already or read here: https://coastalobserver.com/

DEB 23 HOB 39 SCUTE 140 SC 4437