Hobcaw: It was a long day for Kathi A. and Bob C. who started out early and had a total of 4 crawls. The heat got to Bob and he headed back after probing 2 crawls:
HOBFC09 natural on backside of Hobcaw along creek
HOB14 natural north #13mm
         Bob worked on this a while and then walked on while Kathi gave it a try and located
HOBFC10 south #11mm with long area of thrown sand along dune
HOB15 natural  225 yds. south WW#12 in Ocean Green.
Kathi worked on these crawls in the grueling heat well into the hottest part of the day. While this is real dedication, we worry about our volunteers in these conditions. We have never experienced these temperatures this early in the season. We return to the 80s next week which will seem chilly!
DEB 10   HOB 15   SCUTE 66   SC 1549
5-29 Kathi A., dressed for flies, is happy to have found and protected HOB15 in Ocean Green. She located the egg chamber in the heat of the day:(