Hobcaw: Wednesday seems to be a popular day with the turtles on Hobcaw. Kathi A. had 2 crawls and both turned out to be nests. Thanks for 4.5 hours of turtle dedication!
HOB08  53 yds. north #14mm HOB09  109 yds. north #2mm

Kathi A. located HOB08 after finding this crawl north of #14mm on Hobcaw
This turtle crawled up in the wooded area of Hobcaw and may be the same turtle as HOB01 that nested close by 2 weeks ago. DNA will tell us!
Kathi A. located the egg chamber of HOB09 and protected it.

Holes: DeBordieu Rentals includes a flyer about the SCUTE program in all their rental packets. It is very informative about ways vacationers can help sea turtles and important contact numbers. For DeBordieu and Hobcaw turtle issues, please call 843-520-6576.

Midway Fire Dept. had a post on Facebook regarding the dangers of digging and leaving holes on the beach…please read! https://www.facebook.com/178273482199148/posts/3638249149534880/?d=n

DEB 4 HOB 9 SCUTE 31 SC 927