Hobcaw: Steven, happy to be back to his regular walks, was greeted immediately with a crawl in Ocean Green that led high up on the pushed up dune! Walking on, he found another crawl south of #10mm. Working his way back from the inlet, Steven quickly located the chamber of the nest near #10. Continuing on to the Ocean Green crawl, he followed it up to the very top and found the nest of a very tidy turtle with his first probe! Steven must have been “dreaming in turtle” during his 2 weeks off…congratulations!

HOB25   31 yds. south #10mm  HOB26   260 yds. south WW#12   

Steven found this classic crawl just south of #10mm on Hobcaw. He probed the body pit area and quickly found the egg chamber…HOB25!
This turtle really went to a lot of effort to get her eggs out of harm’s way! Steven found the chamber of HOB26 in just one probe!
Near hatching time we will need to surround the backside of HOB26 in Ocean Green with a black screen. This will prevent the hatchlings from going landward and head them toward the ocean.

DEB 17 HOB 25 SCUTE 80 SC 3032