Hobcaw: Duane, subbing for Brandie, walked out WW#12 and was greeted with a crawl where the turtle attempted to scale the pushed up dune. There was an area at the base of the dune with potential. Walking on Duane found a possible nest south #12mm that would need relocation. Carolyn and Marie had no activity on the North so Duane agreed to let them check the crawl in Ocean Green while he found and had to relocate the nest at #12mm by 9:00 a.m. 

Carolyn worked with Marie who located the egg chamber at the base of the dunes…nice job Marie! Duane, fresh from doing his first relocation on Thursday, accomplished his first solo procedure and did it like a pro!

HOB36  240 yds. north #0mm  Ocean Green HOB37  60 yds. south #12mm  126 eggs + 1 for DNA

This turtle tried to crawl up the pushed dune in Ocean Green.
Marie , working toward certification, located and protected HOB36 with instruction from Carolyn.
Duane found this crawl south of #12mm, located the egg chamber and relocated the clutch because it was laid below the spring tide line. It would be prone to successive wash overs.
Duane documents his first solo relocation of a nest. HOB37 had 126 eggs +1 for DNA…nice job!

Comet Neowise: We have a treat to view in the early morning/night sky beginning tonight! Read all about it, how to view Comet Neowise, best viewing times and an amazing video. It won’t return for 7,000 years! https://www.space.com/comet-neowise-visibility-july-2020.html

DEB 21 HOB 37 SCUTE 125 SC 4175