Hobcaw: There were 2 false crawls yesterday on Hobcaw. We hope these are the 2 turtles that returned last night and laid 2 nests that Bob B. found this morning! The turtles came up north #8 and north #11m with one going high and one low. Bob did a relocation and had a natural nest. He was very organized and efficient and finished by 9:00…go Bob!

HOB40  42 yds. north #11mm  laid below spring tide  relocated 102 eggs

HOB41  68 yds. north #8mm   in dune grasses/roots

This turtle didn’t quite crawl high enough to lay her nest north of #11mm so Bob B. had to relocate 102 eggs (HOB40)
This turtle went far up on the beach and deposited her eggs in dune grasses and roots. Bob B. probed and located the chamber. Under SCDNR protocol this nest (HOB41) had to be left in situ.
Bob B. documents the location of HOB41 just north #8mm on Hobcaw.

DEB 23 HOB 41 SCUTE 143 SC 4583