Hobcaw: The turtles must have laid low during TS Elsa but left Bob B. 2 textbook crawls this morning! Probing, Bob easily located both chambers. The natural nests were located north #5mm and south #8mm. He did a great job with data and checking nests post-storm. Thanks Bob:)

DEB 32 HOB 26 SCUTE 143 SC 3832
Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop October 23!!

7-9-21 This experienced turtle went crawled above the spring tide line to lay her nest.
7-9-21 Bob B. found this classic body pit, probed and located the egg chamber of HOB25.
7-9-21 HOB26 was laid at the base of the dunes in an ideal spot to be left natural.
7-9-21 Bob B. easily located the chamber of HOB26 and protected it with a screen.