Hobcaw: Martha had the only activity this beautiful morning with 2 crawls which she turned into 2 nests!
HOB32  natural  south #9mm 

HOB33  natural  south #6mm 

Certification: Congratulations to Jane Cooper for earning her SCDNR certification! A 3 year volunteer, Jane did not get much practice in 2018 due to low nesting numbers but welcomed the experience of this busy turtle season! Jane and her husband, Jim, moved to SC in 2008 via MA and PA. She is a nurse practitioner and volunteers at Smith Medical Clinic. Jane became interested in turtles through Jim who is a volunteer at Cape Romain (currently 1600+ nests). Here, Jane is excited about all our nesting and happy walking the Middle on Sundays. We are proud of you!

DEB 32 HOB 33 SCUTE 161 SC 3929

6-18 Martha was greeted with a beautiful Hobcaw sunrise complete with a perfectly located turtle nest.
6-18 Martha found the egg chamber of HOB32 which she left natural.
6-18 HOB33 was located in good habitat so Martha also left it natural.
6-18 Congratulations to Jane Cooper who has earned her SCDNR certification!