North: Buffie & Mark had no activity but sent this cool panoramic photo from Prince George of the moon setting and the sun rising. 

The full moon sets as the sun rises on Monday, July 6

Hobcaw: Steven had another busy Monday and had his mom along to see the turtle activity. They had a crawl in Ocean Green and potential nests on either side of #4mm. Returning from the inlet, Steven took another look at Gimpy’s crawl north #15mm but found nothing. The Monday team on North Island reported a Gimpy crawl on the north end this morning. It was also a false crawl with multiple attempts (9x in 7 days).

Steven and his mom continued on and he located the egg chamber in a crawl south of #4mm! Just north of #4mm was a second nest that Steven easily found…great morning for both of you! In Ocean Green, a turtle attempted to climb the pushed up dune but thought better and turned around. Steven probed but there were no eggs.

HOB31  15 yds. south #4mm    HOB32  30 yds. north #4mm   

HOBFC38   Ocean Green

Steven located and protected HOB31 south of #4mm
HOB32 was a textbook crawl just north of #4mm.
Steven and his mom had a full morning of turtle activity with 2 nests and a false crawl!

Holes: Buffie and Mark, making their Sunday evening walk from Prince George through DeBordieu, found the deepest hole ever:( Buffie sent this photo of Mark and Cooper in front of ‘the nursery’ in the Middle. If you must dig holes on the beach, please dig below the high tide line so the tide will fill them in. An abyss such as this could be harmful to people, animals and sea turtles coming up to nest.

DEB 19 HOB 32 SCUTE 110 SC 3651