NEST INVENTORY: We will have our first public inventory Sunday at 6:00 p.m. The nest is located 49 yds. south #9mm on the North end toward Prince George. Please use the Beach Club walkway and walk north for 1/2 mile to the nest. We will begin promptly at 6:00 so allow about 15 minutes to walk.

Hobcaw: Duane had a busy morning finding 2 crawls a mile marker apart south #7 and #8, a third south #18mm and the hatch of HOB02 north #18mm. He handled it all well and brought back 2 eggs for DNA!

HOB32 Natural   north #19mm   crawled up low ledge and made a tidy nest  

HOB33 Natural   south #8mm    10 ft. area of covering with eggs – found nearest dune above STL

HOBFC61  south #7mm  tracks even with turtle crawling into veg. and making turn

DEB 44  HOB 33 SCUTE 228  SC 7130

7-23-22 HOB32 was a neat and tidy turtle that used minimal energy to lay her nest near #18mm on Hobcaw
7-23-22 Duane had a lot of area of potential for finding an egg chamber. This turtle covered excessively for about 10 ft.
7-23-22 Duane made short order of locating the chamber of HOB33 and did so in about 10-15 minutes. Fortunately, the chamber was closest to the dune and above the spring tide line…a natural nest!