With today’s new nests, we have tied our second best season (76) and it’s still June!

Hobcaw: We actually ended up yesterday with 3 false crawls and a nest on Hobcaw. It appears Martha had the return of these would-be nesters this morning…nice work:
HOB38  natural north #5mm 

HOB39  natural north #3mm

HOBFC26  false crawl  north #1mm 

DEB 37 HOB 39 SCUTE 198 (record is 226) SC 4847

6-25 HOB38 was a textbook crawl and Martha knew where to find the chamber!
6-25 The body pit area of HOB38 was large but Martha located the nest under the fluffy piled up sand. The turtle goes to great effort to cover her nest with sand with all 4 flippers moving as she inches forward.
6-25 HOB39 had an outgoing crawl that went exactly over her incoming crawl.