North: Buffie & Mark, on their evening walk last night at low tide, said the intertidal zone was covered with live sea stars. They were moving about making interesting patterns in the sand. Also, the fox was seen again trotting boldly down the beach, unafraid and unnoticed by all the people. Foxes hunt at dawn and dusk and were seen this morning by Maribeth, Donna and Bob F.

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Hobcaw: Bob B. was joined by Lori and Michael who are working toward certification. They hit the jackpot with 2 crawls that, if nests, were both in good locations above the spring tide line. After finding no other activity, Lori and Michael got good probing experience at the southernmost crawl but were cautious about going too deep. Bob located the soft sand and Lori dug down to find the egg chamber of HOB13 

The crawl south #1mm was a tidy turtle who made a textbook body pit. Bob said Lori located the chamber of HOB14 on her 10th probe:) She said it is a day she will always remember…yay Lori! This was Bob’s first teaching experience. He did very well and had 2 attentive and eager students!

DEB 17 HOB 14 SCUTE 78 SC 2104

6-17-21 Buffie and Mark found thousands of live sea stars at low tide last night in the intertidal zone.
6-18-21 This was one of 2 crawls Bob B., Lori and Michael found on their sunrise Hobcaw walk.
6-18-21 It was a team effort with Bob instructing and Lori & Michael learning how to probe and locate the chamber. Bob eventually found the soft sand and let Lori dig down to touch her first turtle egg!
6-18-21 This was a very tidy turtle that made a beeline to the low dune, nested and made a beeline back to the ocean.
6-18-21 Determined Lori found the soft sand of the chamber on her 10th probe!
6-18-21 Bob was proud of his 2 students and they had a great learning experience with their first couple of nests!