We are on track to have our second best season with 72 nests so far! 1995 and 2020, tied with 75 nests to be our second best seasons (108 in 2013). We will easily have over 80 nests this year!

Middle: Carolyn and Marie teamed up and had a crawl north WW#5 where the turtle turned at the dune. Probing multiple times and digging in some soft areas, Marie did not find an egg chamber. Carolyn checked it and they determined it was a false crawl.

Hobcaw: Brandie had several crawls this morning both with potential for being nests! Brandie had great success today locating both chambers with a total of 20 probes. She was excited and we are for her…good job! HOB32 was just north #10mm. HOB33 was just south #9mm. Both were natural nests. 

DEB 39 HOB 33 SCUTE 172 SC 4471

Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop 5K Run/Walk – October 23!!

7-18-21 A turtle crawled up and made a turn in the dune to exit without nesting. Carolyn and Marie probed multiple times but found no eggs.
7-18-21 This Hobcaw turtle did donuts in the sand and finally decided to lay her nest. Brandie located the chamber of HOB32 easily.
7-18-21 Brandie credits her new metal probe with the ease at which she located the chamber. We know her years of experience came into play also!
7-18-21 HOB33 had a long meandering crawl with a body pit in the dunes. Brandie located the egg chamber and said it was very shallow. This could indicate a large clutch number!
7-18-21 Brandie and husband, Ryan, document HOB33 with a selfie:) Good job today with 2 nests!