We took a look back at our best season (2013) to see how nesting compares. By this date then, we had no nests. The season in ’13 ended with 108 nests (DEB 37/HOB 71)! Could be a big year🐢
Hobcaw: Kathi A. had Bob B. walking with her this morning. They had 2 crawls that provided some good probing experience for Bob:)
HOB03 was a natural nest located south #11 mm. The turtle plowed along the base of the dune for about 10 ft. and then nested
HOB02, also natural, was south #13mm.
DEB 6   HOB 3   SCUTE 27   SC 760
Bob surveys the crawl and body pit of HOB02
The turtle that laid HOB03 plowed along the base of the dunes for a while before nesting.
Bob got some good probing experience with Kathi A. as his instructor.