We will conduct inventories on 2 nests close to each other just north of the northernmost DeBordieu house near the #8mm and #9mm. This is a 15 minute walk from the Beach Club. Hoping to see you there!

DEB24 Relocated 6/24 110 yds. south #9mm   40 + tracks to ocean with one straggler making its way out of the nest at sunrise. 

DEB25 Relocated 6/22 62 yds. south #8mm   Hatch with 40+ tracks to ocean!

8-17-22 DEB24 had a good hatch with 40+ tracks to the ocean. One hatchling was seen making its way out at sunrise.
8-17-22 DEB25 also had a healthy hatch with 40+ tracks counted all heading to the ocean!