Middle: Carolyn found 2 U turn false crawls both north #11mm. The turtles didn’t venture too far from the waterline before turning around

Hobcaw: Kathi subbed for Brandie and had quite a morning…and afternoon! She had a total of 5 false crawls and 3 natural nests. She worked hard for the turtles and seemed excited about all the activity…we love that spirit!

HOB17 Natural  south #16mm 

HOB18 Natural  north #16mm 

HOB19 Natural  north #13mm

DEB 26                    HOB 19                        SCUTE 128                 SC 4353

6-26-22 The turtles don’t come up very far on this wide part of the beach in the Middle before turning around.
6-26-22 This is one of 3 natural nests Kathi had this morning. She said this turtle wandered along the dune line before nesting HOB19.