Gimpy has made 15 attempts to nest in 9 days with 1/North Island, 12/Hobcaw, 2/DeBordieu. She is missing her left rear flipper so she has difficulty digging her nest chamber deep enough. Gimpy tries over and over, night after night. Last night, our best guess is that she started at the inlet and made her way north trying to deposit her eggs. She is an incredible and determined old girl and we wish we could help her:(

Middle: Donna had a surprise with 2 Gimpy crawls. This is the first time we ever remember seeing her on DeBordieu. Both were as the tide was receding and U-turns with one where she bumped into the sea wall.
DEBFC13  13 yds. south WW#11  DEBFC14  31 yds. south WW#6 

Gimpy crawled up, ran into the sea wall and returned to the ocean.
The tide was receding (low at 5:09 a.m.) when Gimpy made this futile effort to nest.

Hobcaw: Kathi A. had a very busy morning with multiple crawls from #7mm all the way around the inlet. Unfortunately, there were no nest(s). Thanks for all your good reporting Kathi:)
HOBFC43  14 yds. south #16mm  HOBFC44  80 yds. south #16mm    HOBFC45  61 yds. west of No Camping sign HOBFC46  280 yds. south #19mm  (Gimpy) HOBFC47  85 yds. east No Camping sign  HOBFC48  50 yds. north #7mm  (Gimpy)

This crawl was one of 6 crawls Kathi A. had on Hobcaw. This one had Gimpy’s signature stump mark up the middle because she is missing her left rear flipper.

DEB 19 HOB 32 SCUTE 115 SC 3763