Middle: A surprised Ingrid walked out the Beach Club walkway and found a crawl just to the right! Betsy called in Jane, who is working toward certification, while Ingrid and Tom walked the North. Jane probed, found a soft area and dug down to find eggs (DEB13)! It was decided to rope this nest off with surveyors tape since it did not merit relocating per SCDNR guidelines. Tom will compose a sign and we will make this an educational nest for the many folks who use this access.

Walter, walking the Middle, found a second crawl north WW#2 in front of Pioneer Place Villas. Jane and Betsy finished DEB13 and Jane began probing the crawl. She soon located the egg chamber and this became natural DEB14…go Jane!

Walter also found a false crawl 100 yds. south WW#6 

Hobcaw: Steven and Duane found a crawl 249 yds. south WW#12 with not much potential. Steven had Duane probe mainly for practice.
They had no other activity.
DEB 14 HOB 18 SCUTE 84 SC 2148

6-3 DEB13 is a natural nest at the Beach Club Walkway which Jane located.
6-3 Jane found and protected DEB13 in front of the Beach Club Walkway.
6-3 Jane also located the egg chamber of DEB14 in front of Pioneer Place Villas…big morning!
6-3 Betsy and Walter are proud of Jane for easily locating 2 nests this morning, both natural!