North: Judy had the thrill of finding 4 crawls starting with the first just north of the Beach Club and ending with a long crawl near Pawleys Inlet:) Her hopes were high as she started at the northernmost and worked her way south. Much to her disappointment no eggs were located in a marathon probing session that later included help from Carolyn, Anita and Betsy. We are hoping this turtle(s) returns tonight.

Middle: Carolyn, joined by Anita who is working toward certification, also had multiple crawls! There were 2 crawls that had nest potential both located north of WW#4. Anita did her first nest start to finish locating the egg chamber (DEB33) and getting all the data…congratulations! Carolyn had the honors of finding the nest just north of DEB34 and protected it with the triangle system since we are out of supplies at WW#6…go Carolyn!

DEB 34 HOB 26 SCUTE 146 SC 3976
Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop 5K Run/Walk – October 23!!

7-11-21 This crawl north WW#4 had dark thrown sand indicating digging by the turtle.
7-11-21 Anita probed and located the egg chamber of her first official turtle nest…DEB33!
7-11-21 This crawl also appeared to be a nest just north of WW#4. Carolyn probed and found the egg chamber of DEB34!
7-11-21 Because supplies are running low, Carolyn used this triangle marking system for DEB34. Congratulations on your nest and training today!