North: Today was like Tuesday’s survey with a nest near #7mm and one at #15mm! Both turtles laid in ideal locations. Pat St, subbing for Pat O., found the 2 crawls and gave up the one south #6mm so Donna S. could train Trisha (no Middle activity). Pat easily located the egg chamber of the northern nest while Trisha probed the southern one, dug and touched her first turtle egg! Trisha has walked multiple times and got lucky today…congratulations!

DEB11 Natural   north #15mm (Prince George) 

DEB12 Natural  south #6mm (Ocean Park)   

Certification: Anita Turnage is our first volunteer to earn her SCDNR certification! She began volunteering in 2019 with her grandson, Haden. They became enamored with sea turtles after watching an inventory where 36 hatchlings were released! Anita continued walking with many volunteers, learning the procedure and is now a certified team member! Anita, originally from Springfield, VA, resides in Columbia and DeBordieu with her husband Ralph. She received her undergraduate and MBA degrees from USC. Anita is a Master Gardener (Clemson) and an author of children’s books that focus on coastal nature. By being a turtle volunteer, Anita feels it is a way she can give back to nature. We are proud of you!

DEB 12 HOB 5 SCUTE 40 SC 1448

6-1-22 Pat St. found this crawl near #15mm at Prince George. It had all the classic field signs of a nest and was in a perfect location. She probed and located DEB11!
6-1-22 This crawl in Ocean Park was also a classic and laid in a good spot. Donna S., worked with Trisha training her in how to probe and locate the soft sand of the chamber.
6-1-22 Trisha found an area that gave way when she was probing. Donna instructed her to dig down until she found eggs. She did and touched her first turtle egg!
5-31-22 Congratulations to Anita, our first certified volunteer of the 2022!