It was an active morning on the extreme ends of our beach!

North: Pat O. found a U-turn false crawl in Ocean Park which got her hopes up for a nest further north:)  Walking on Pat did find a crawl south #9mm with all the signs of a nest. She returned from the inlet and, locating the egg chamber, realized it needed to be relocated to above the spring tide line. She moved it directly back to the base of the dunes making it DEB05. As Pat was finishing with her nest, a man told her he had just watched a turtle come up on the beach around 8:00 a.m. at Prince George. The turtle made a U-turn and went back into the ocean south of #14mm. Pat walked back, taking photos and getting the location information. It was a busy morning for you Pat and you handled it very well!

Hobcaw: Kathi A. also had activity down the beach with 2 crawls. She had a false crawl south #11mm. Biking on she found a textbook crawl leading up on the dune in grasses. Kathi located the egg chamber, got the DNA egg and protected the nest…good job!

Shorebirds: The Audubon Society had a great Instagram post about protecting shorebirds. Thanks to Bob B. and Bill, there are now signs posted on Hobcaw about shorebird nesting/no dogs.

DEB 5 HOB 6 SCUTE 28 SC 761

6-2-21 This crawl had the classic signs of being a nest but Pat knew it would not survive this low on the beach. She relocated it to the base of the dunes.
6-2-21 While Pat was working on relocating DEB05, a turtle crawled up on the beach at Prince George around 8:00 a.m. It thought better of nesting during the day and crawled back in the ocean.
6-2-21 Kathi A. found this ideal nest north #10mm on Hobcaw that was laid at the base of the dunes and could remain natural.
6-2-21 HOB06 is in a safe location and protected…thanks Kathi A.!
6-2-21 Please be aware that we share the beach with nesting and migrating shorebirds!
6-2-21 Please leash your dogs when walking Hobcaw Beach and help protect our shorebird population!