Beth had a nest after a 12 day dry spell on PRG! She encountered a crawl with good nest potential just south of SS#2 (North Access Rd). Just north of SS#2, Beth came upon a crawl with no thrown sand or body pit that was felt to be a false crawl. With no other activity elsewhere on PRG, Beth returned to the crawl with potential and quickly found the clutch. As the clutch was just above the heavy wrack line, the nest was left natural. Hooray to Beth for ending our “nest draught”!

PRG06N      south of SS#2 (North Access Rd.) in front of Roberts house in Ocean Green

PRGFC20 (DEBFC20)  north of SS#2 (North Access Rd.)

DEB: Kathi found a crawl with potential at WW#2 and rode her bike on to find 2 other crawls south WW#5 and at WW#7 near the Beach Villas.

DEBFC21  WW#7 (at Beach Villas)  False Crawl 

DEBFC22  just south WW#5 (Sibley octagonal house) 

DEB62  Relocated laid below STL    Moved directly back (Durant house) 104 eggs relocated

HOB: Martha had a crawl between those 2 southernmost crawls from yesterday just north of the treeline but probed and found no egg chamber. At the end of the treeline there was another false crawl (U turn). Good effort Martha!

HOBFC27  100 yds. north of treeline, south SS#4  False Crawl 

HOBFC28  end of treeline  U turn False Crawl

PRG 6 DEB 12 HOB 19 SCUTE 116 SC 5262

7-18-23 Beth found this crawl just south of the North Access Rd.
7-18-23 Beth probed and located the egg chamber, taking one egg for DNA and leaving the nest natural.
7-18-23 Kathi found a crawl low on the beach just south of WW#2. She relocated the clutch to the low slant of the dune.