North: Jean subbed for Buffie and Mark. She had a turnaround false crawl north #7mm…DEBFC05. She walked on to find another crawl at the base of the dunes where Jean probed (with some help from Beth) and found the egg chamber!

DEB07 north #5mm in front of N. Beach Villas

Middle: Walter had a crawl that went up to the low rise near WW#10 but turned around..DEBFC06 

Hobcaw: Steven had 2 false crawls and a relocated nest. The construction project is proving to be a problem for the turtles. A turtle crawled up north #0mm, encountered pipes, turned and on her return crawl, went into a large hole. She managed to exit the hole but did not lay. It seems she might have tried again a bit south and crawled up low on the beach in Ocean Green. Steven found eggs in this effort and carefully relocated the large nest of 130 eggs! There was another false crawl south #0mm.

HOB05 relocated to north #1mm

DEB 7 HOB 5 SCUTE 30 SC 1265

5-30-22 Jean found this crawl, which went up to the base of the dunes, in front of N. Beach Villas
5-30-22 With some guidance from Beth, Jean located eggs! They protected the nest…DEB07.
5-30-22 This turtle encountered the construction pipes on her incoming crawl.
5-30-22 The turtle went up on the beach, turned to exit and went into a large hole. She managed to crawl out of the hole but did not nest during this effort.
5-30-22 Steven found this crawl which may have been another effort just south. He probed and located eggs but knew it needed to be moved to a better location. He carefully relocated 130 eggs to a good spot north #1mm…HOB05 Yay!