PRG:  Buffie found a U-turn false crawl just north of the clubhouse. She then proceeded into DEB to help Debbie M.

PRGFC05  just north of the clubhouse

DEB:  Debbie M. came across a crawl with potential south of WW#2 high up in the dune covered with coyote tracks. She continued walking and encountered a second crawl with potential just south of WW#4 that would need to be relocated. It too was covered with coyote tracks. Buffie investigated the crawl south of WW2 and then met Debbie at the crawl south of WW4.  A family came by the crawl and and said they went out on the beach last night at 10 pm and saw a turtle on the beach for 2 hours, presumably laying a nest. Debbie probed and found the chamber. With a crowd of spectators present including the family that had seen the turtle last night, Debbie and Buffie relocated the nest. Buffie, and later with the help of Michael S, dug close to 10 holes that had extensive roots trying to find a relocation site. They finally found a suitable location 155 yards south of the original location.

DEB56R  relocated  155 yds south of original location near WW#4 due to extensive roots in area  

DEB57N   south of WW2 Natural This was earlier believed to be a false crawl but Mark returned, convinced there was a nest there. Sure enough, in the early evening he located a clutch among a thicket of roots and turned a false crawl into a nest!

HOB:  Steven, accompanied by Mike E, found a short crawl with potential on the creekside of Hobcaw. Steven discussed in detail with Mike E. how to analyze a crawl and determine the probable clutch site. Steven probed and quickly found the chamber. The nest was low on the beach, right at the wrack line and below an obvious scarp so it was relocated immediately behind the original site.  Great teaching experience for Mike E.

HOB12R   Relocated   beyond SS#19 on creekside of Hobcaw           

PRG 4 DEB 7 HOB 12 SCUTE 65 SC 2804

6-26-23 Debbie found this crawl covered with coyote prints just south of WW#4. It was below the spring tide line and needed relocation.
6-26-23 Debbie with Buffie’s help moved DEB56 to safer ground and had some nest helpers!
6-26-23 Mark was convinced the false crawl south of WW#2 was a nest. He went back this afternoon and eventually located the clutch in a mass of roots!
6-26-23 DEB57N is protected and in good habitat for incubation.
6-26-23 Steven and Michael were surprised to find this short crawl on the creekside of Hobcaw Beach. They moved the clutch of eggs directly back to a higher elevation.