North: Judy K. and Maribeth, walking the North, ran into Buffie and Mark. They reported a crawl just south of the last Prince George house. The 4 walked back and found there were 2 crawls! Judy was training Maribeth and they worked on a crawl 24 yds. south #14mm that was a meandering crawl at the vegetation line. Maribeth probed and located the chamber…Nice job! They were able to leave it natural.
The team returned to 73 yds. north #12 but had difficulty locating the nest in this long disturbance paralleling the dune. The outgoing crawl was significantly longer indicating the turtle spent some time on the beach. With persistence, Judy finally found the chamber after Mark got some good probing experience! It, too, was a natural nest.
Hobcaw: Brandie found a U-turn false crawl 30 yds. north #12mm. Maybe this turtle will try again tonight:)
DEB 4   HOB 1   SCUTE 16  

5-19 DEB03 was a long meandering crawl but Maribeth probed and found the chamber!
5-19 Judy and Maribeth happily show protected DEB03 at Prince George.
5-19 DEB04 had a long area of nesting possibility. Mark got some good probing experience with Judy finally locating the chamber!
5-19 The DEB04 team of Buffie, Mark, Maribeth and Judy was happy to finally locate the nest!

DEB 4   HOB 1   SCUTE 16   SC 494