North: Judie E. had her first activity of the season with 2 crawls! The northernmost effort was a U-turn false crawl at Prince George with no interruption of tracks.

The other crawl had a very concise turn that had a small amount of piled sand but the turtle went over it when she turned, making it more difficult to locate. After some effort, Judie found the egg chamber..yay! It is a bit low on the beach but the relocation window had passed. We will keep an eye this one.

Middle: Jackie also had her first activity:) There was a perfect crawl and body pit just south of WW#6. Jackie said it was textbook and easy to locate. Good find, Jackie!

Hobcaw: Martha, subbing for Duane, had no crawls but sent this sunrise photo from the backside of Hobcaw.

This is where we stood on 6/5 in 2020 (numbers in parentheses). This season is looking better!

DEB 8 (4) HOB 6 (11) SCUTE 37 (36) SC 1010 (1163)

6-5-21 Judie found a very tight body pit of a very tidy turtle.
6-5-21 Probing and digging, Judie eventually found the egg chamber of DEB08!
6-5-21 This smart turtle crawled up to the slant of the dune south of WW#6.
6-5-21 Volunteers love these textbook nests that have predictable egg chamber locations. Jackie did a good job on DEB07.
6-5-21 The sun peeks over the backside of Hobcaw Beach. Martha took this photo on the far reaches of her morning survey.