North: DEB46 Relocated south #11mm Trisha working toward certification with Betsy, located the egg chamber, relocated the entire nest and completed all steps solo…way to go Trish!

Hobcaw: HOB35 Natural north #14mm Kathi located the nest of this tidy turtle


FRIDAY: DEB16 Natural 6/8 located between WW#5 and WW#6

SATURDAY: DEB14 Natural (green sea turtle) 6/5 located 47 yds. south WW#2 (peach house) 

DEB 46 HOB 36    SCUTE 245  SC 7591

8-5-22 This turtle did some twists and turns when she laid her nest making it a challenge for Trisha.
8-5-22 Trisha got some good probing experience, zeroing in on the chamber and finding eggs! Here she is taking the eggs out of the original nest because it was laid below the spring tide line.
8-5-22 Trisha takes a break beside DEB46 that she relocated totally on her own!
8-5-22 Kathi received the gift of a tidy turtle nest and easily located the egg chamber of HOB35. She was about to leave it natural.
8-5-22 HOB35 has a nice homesite to incubate and will have a mid-October hatch date.