Whew!!! It is only May 26 and we already have 15 nests…what a great season!
North: Pat O., subbing for Judy K., had Maribeth and Pat St. with her this morning. They found a textbook crawl in front of North Beach Villas and walked on to see if there was other activity. At Prince George, south #14mm, they found another crawl but this time the turtle crossed over her incoming tracks as she left. This made it a bit difficult to figure out and after much probing/training, Pat O., probed back toward the ocean and found a soft spot…bingo! An egg was retrieved and DEB09 was a natural nest.
Returning to south #5mm in front of N. Beach Villas, this nest was more clear cut and had a concise area of possibility. Maribeth made short order of finding a soft area and located the chamber…DEB10 YAY! This was great teamwork and both Pat St. and Maribeth learned a lot.
Hobcaw: Brandie was joined by Bob C. on her survey. They had a crawl north #8mm low on the beach in a flat area that slanted landward. They walked on and having no other activity returned to the crawl. Bob began probing and almost immediately located the chamber…go Bob! They decided to relocate the nest of 115 eggs. The new nest is located just north #7mm. Brandie said Bob did all the work and did it well:)
DEB 10   HOB 5   SCUTE 47  SC 1248

5-26 DEB09 crossed over her incoming crawl as she exited.
5-26 Afer much probing, the DEB09 team is happy to show off and egg:)
5-26 DEB10 was a textbook crawl which is a volunteer’s dream to probe!
5-26 Pat St. and Maribeth worked well as a team on today’s 2 natural nests.
5-26 HOB05 was laid low on the beach in a flat area that slanted landward.
5-26 Bob C. quickly located the egg chamber of HOB05. He and Brandie decided to relocated the nest of 115 to better habitat.
5-26 Bob C. happily poses with protected HOB05.