North: Buffie and Mark each found crawls with nest potential. Buffie walked north from their house near #13mm and found a crawl up into the grasses south #15mm. Though difficult in the soft sand and intact roots, she found eggs and left the nest natural since it was well above the STL…good find Buffie!

Mark, headed south and located a crawl south #8mm. He kindly contacted Debbie, walking the Middle, and invited her to work on the nest. Debbie finished her Middle walk and headed north. She made quick work of locating the egg chamber!

DEB41 Natural  south #15mm   in grasses

DEB42 Natural  south #8mm   just above STL

Middle: Debbie found a long U turn loop south WW#8 where it appeared the turtle got tired of crawling (it may have headed north to #8mm). It was a busy morning for Debbie:)

DEBFC45  south WW#8 

DEB 42  HOB 30  SCUTE 206  SC 6792

7-18-22 This turtle may have laid her nest out of harm’s way but it made it more difficult to locate the egg chamber. Buffie persevered and found the eggs in soft sand and roots…DEB41!
7-18-22 Mark found this text book crawl south #8mm above the spring tide line. Because he has done a number of nests this season, he kindly contacted Debbie. She walked up from the Middle and made short order of locating the chamber of DEB42!
7-18-22 Debbie protected natural DEB42 south #8mm for the 55-60 day incubation.
7-18-22 This turtle made a long crawl in a wide part of the beach south WW#8 only to turn and go back to the ocean. She may have swam north and nested south #8mm. Debbie documented this false crawl and then located DEB42 between DeBordieu and Prince George…busy morning!