North: Pat stepped away from training new volunteers and walked alone this morning. She had 2 crawls with nest potential that each had body pits at the base of the dunes. Donna S. had no Middle activity so she headed to the southern crawl while Pat worked on the one just to the north. It was another great example of teamwork!

DEB33 Natural  south #11mm    Pat

DEB34 Natural  south #10mm   Donna

Middle: Donna S. reported a deep hole south WW#5 and beach items in several places (tagged with date and time). Photos of the hole were sent to DeBordieu Security.

DEB 34              HOB 26                SCUTE 162                       SC 5522

7-6-22 DEB33 laid a tidy nest at the base of the dunes out of harm’s way.
7-6-22 Pat located the egg chamber of natural DEB33 and protected the nest with a screen and stakes.
7-6-22 Donna had no activity in the Middle so she went to help Pat. This is the crawl of DEB34 south #10mm near Prince George.
7-6-22 Both DEB33 and 34 knew what they were doing and laid their nests in great locations! Donna located the egg chamber and left it natural.
7-6-22 Donna sent this photo of a hole in the Middle. The Georgetown County hole ordinance limits holes to 2 feet deep. Digging implements are limited to children’s toys no longer than 12″. This hole is in violation.