With 19 nests this week here at DEB/HOB and 1000 nests for SC, we appear to be in the peak nesting period. Typically for SC, it is the last week of June/first week of July. Since nesting began earlier this year, the peak is earlier. Here, our second best year was in ’17 with a total of 76 nests. It looks like we might beat our best season of 108 in ’13! Thanks to all our dedicated volunteers for their efforts this busy season.

Loggerheads in the news:

North: Beth and Lourdes had a productive morning with 2 crawls they each turned into nests!

DEB35 natural south #13mm (Prince George)   Beth located

DEB36 natural  south #5mm (N. Beach Villas)
Lourdes did a great job locating!

DEB 36 HOB 36 SCUTE 181 SC 4487

6-21 Beth and Lourdes found this textbook crawl south of #13mm at Prince George.
6-21 Beth located the egg chamber and this became DEB35, a natural nest laid in good incubating habitat.
6-21 DEB35 team photo:)
6-21 This turtle had a longer stretch where she moved along after nesting and covered the area with sand to disguise it from predators.
6-21 Lourdes probed the most likely area where the nest would be located.
6-21 Bingo….Lourdes located the egg chamber and this nest became DEB36…nice job!
6-21 Congratulations to Lourdes for finding DEB36!