The weather was perfect today for our SCUTE Loop 5K Run-Walk! We had 154 participants, most of which were actual (the others were virtual). There were adults of all ages, children, grandchildren and dogs on the 3.1 mile course. We don’t have the final tally yet, but we will be sending the Sea Turtle Care Center a nice contribution for continued sea turtle rehabilitation!

Catherine O’Rourke, Giving Programs Officer, for the South Carolina Aquarium was on hand to educate about the Aquarium and the Sea Turtle Care Center. She had informational material, coloring books/crayons, pencils, metal straws, etc. to hand out. The Aquarium donated 4 raffle items randomly drawn from bib numbers::

Behind the scenes atop the Great Ocean Tank – Ingrid Marshall

2 general admission tickets – Cooper Burgess

SCA hat and key chain – Paula Ford

SCA tote bag – Andrew Burgess

Please check the Photo Gallery (scroll down the 2021 Gallery) for more SCUTE Loop photos. We will be adding them as they are submitted. If you would like to send some of yours email them to:

10-23-21 A SCUTE Loop group prepares to hit the route!
10-23-21 Catherine (and Georgie) from the SC Aquarium made the trip to educate participants about the work of the Aquarium and Sea Turtle Care Center. She brought goodies to hand out!
10-23-21 A loggerhead sea turtle even participated in the SCUTE Loop!