North: Bob B. found the hatch of DEB05 south #12mm! He was able to count 50+ tracks down near the water in the wet sand. Ingrid & Tom will do this inventory on their Monday morning walk.

Saturday at 6:00 p.m. we will inventory of DEB07 south #10mm (between DeBordieu & Prince George. Use Beach Club walkway (.6 mi.) or North Access Rd. (.3 mi.).

Middle: Pat S. and Marie had a U turn false crawl in front of the sea wall:

DEBFC30 north WW#11

Hobcaw: Bill, Buffie and Mark also had 2 false crawls likely by the same turtle with the same turnaround pattern. Let’s hope she returns for the real thing tonight!

HOBFC43 south #1mm  HOBFC44  north #0mm 

DEB 59 HOB 64 SCUTE 322 SC 7789

7-19 Bob B. was able to count 50+ tracks from DEB05 just south #12mm near Prince George.