North: We believe the same turtle tried 3 times, unsuccessfully, to nest last night. If that theory is correct, her first attempt was a long meandering crawl at Prince George between #13 and #14mms. There was no interruption of tracks. The third attempt was a U turn just north of the Beach Villas with the crawl going to the low tide line. 

DEBFC08  86 yds. north #13mm    long meandering crawl

DEBFC07  115 yds. south #6mm    U turn north of Beach Villas 

This turtle was a wanderer at Prince George and covered a lot of beach looking for a nesting spot. She overlooked some ideal locations!
This crawl, north of the Beach Villas, was a U turn with tracks going all the way to the low tide line. The turtle must have just left.

Middle: Bob C. had a false crawl at WW#1 that may have been the turtle’s second attempt. 

DEBFC06  WW#1    U turn just south of Beach Club

This was another U turn that could have been the turtle’s 2nd try of 3 crawls.

Tonight will tell if this theory is correct or if this was the work of 2 or 3 different turtles. They sure keep us humble and guessing!

DEB 14 HOB 23 SCUTE 73 SC 2686