Middle: Kathi A., subbing for Kathy C., had a false crawl north  WW#9 where the turtle ran into the seawall and turned around.
Hobcaw: Martha and Bob B. set out early expecting activity after the big day yesterday. They had a total of 4 crawls before the spotted a live turtle on the beach near #11mm! She had wandered about 300 yds. around toward the marsh and on the front beach and appeared exhausted. Bob found a bucket and they doused her several times which seemed to help. They still ended up having to lift her and get her into the waves where she took off…AHH!! Both Bob and Martha said it was an awesome experience:)
Finding no other activity south, the team returned to the meandering crawl and Bob probed what seemed to be the likely body pit. Finding nothing, Martha attempted and then realized time was running short and there were other crawls. Kathi A. helped out and went to work on the area but also found nothing.
Bob and Martha had 2 natural nests that Bob located and his instructor said he did it very well! They also had 2 false crawls. Here is Bob’s report:
HOB11 natural  south #4mm
HOB12 natural north #3mm
HOBFC07  south #0mm
HOBFC08  south WW#12
Bill was curious about the meandering crawl and went to take a look. He started at the incoming crawl, followed it up to the dune where she nested (yay Bill). As she left, she started her crazy outgoing crawl behind the dunes and pivoted in what certainly looked like a body pit toward the front beach. This is the area they probed earlier. The turtle finally headed toward the ocean and that is when Martha and Bob spotted her this morning.
HOB13 natural #11mm
So happy this turtle laid a nest after all her effort and that of 4 dedicated volunteers! Thanks HOB13 team🐢
DEB 10   HOB 13   SCUTE 62   SC 1384
5-28 Bob and Martha were fortunate to see this turtle returning to the ocean after meandering for 300 yds.
5-28 This exhausted loggerhead makes a slow crawl to the ocean. After dousing her with sea water she still had to be lifted into the waves.
5-28 HOB13 crawled all over the beach and behind trying to find the ocean after she nested.
5-28 Bob B. examines what certainly seemed to be the nest of HOB13.
5-28 The nest of HOB13 was actually south of the area that appeared to be the body pit. The turtle began her wandering after she nested. Bill finally solved the mystery.
5-28 The orange circle indicates the area that appeared to be the nest of HOB13. Here is where the egg chamber was actually located (sign).