North: Beth hit the turtle crawl jackpot with 3 this morning! She knew Anita was close to certification and called her. Anita called Betsy to observe and met her at the southernmost crawl. Beth walked on north to find crawls at #14 and #16mms. Both of those were laid in great locations and she quickly took care of them. Anita carefully went through the steps ending at the body pit. She located the soft area and dug in to find eggs in an ideal location at the base of the dunes!

DEB08 Natural  south #16mm   

DEB09 Natural  south #14mm   

DEB10 Natural  south #8mm 

DEB 10 HOB 5 SCUTE 39 SC 1350

5-31-22 One of 3 natural nests Beth found on the North this morning. This one is south #16mm at Prince George. She gave up the southernmost one to Anita who is close to certification and needed one more nest.
5-31-22 DEB10 crawled in on a rising tide and out on a falling tide.
5-31-22 Probing, Anita found a soft area and dug carefully down to locate eggs!
5-31-22 Anita proudly shows DEB10 protected for the 55-60 day incubation.