It was a BIG day with each section having a nest! Congratulations to Donna St., John and Bob B. on their chamber locations today!

North: Maribeth, Donna St. and her dad, Bob F. found a possible nest south #15mm at Prince George. It was in a low, flat area north #15mm at Prince George and would need relocation. Donna probed with Maribeth instructing and found the eggs! They moved DEB37 nest directly back.

Middle: Pat and John had a crawl in front of Pioneer Place Villas north WW#2. It was difficult to notice with all the footprints in this high traffic area. It was a fairly concise crawl and John probed and located the egg chamber and Pat dug down to find the eggs of DEB38! 

Hobcaw: Bob B. and Pat St., teaming up this morning, walked out WW#12 to again find a crawl in Ocean Green (maybe yesterday’s turtle?). They continued on with Bob turning back at #15mm to go probe the crawl and check nests on the way. Pat went on to the inlet and then headed back. Bob located eggs and working together they moved HOB29 to the nursery south #0mm. Good teamwork!

DEB 38 HOB 29 SCUTE 166 SC 4366

Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop 5K Run/Walk – October 23!!

7-16-21 Donna St. and her dad, Bob, examine a crawl near #15mm at Prince George. It was laid low on the beach in a flat area prone to overwashes.
7-16-21 Donna is working toward SCDNR certification and located the egg chamber with Maribeth as her instructor.
7-16-21 Pat and John found this body pit close to DEB25 and probing, John located a soft area and Pat dug down to confirm it as DEB38! They were able to leave it natural.
7-16-21 Bob B. and Pat St. teamed up and got an early start this morning. It was a good thing because this nest in Ocean Green had to be relocated south of #0mm to the growing nursery area.