North: Lourdes found a crawl south #11mm below the spring tide line (highest wrack line) and in a flat area. She had a nest like this last week and wisely relocated it. After locating the chamber, Lourdes moved the eggs of DEB03 directly back to the gentle rise of the dune…good job!

Hobcaw: As he stepped off WW#12, Bob B. and his niece were greeted with a couple of crawls in Ocean Green. Both turned out to be nests that needed relocation. They finished the walk and got to work! Bob located this chamber of this nest in front of the big tan house and decided to move it south. Ocean Green has a pushed up dune and we have watched this area flood often and always relocate nests southward. Good work relocating HOB03 Bob! 

Bob went on to probe the other crawl north but could not locate the chamber in the long area of disturbance. Bill went and found the chamber of HOB04 around 10:30 a.m. past the 9:00 a.m. cut off for relocation. The nest will be relocated on 6/11.

Turtles in the news: This week’s Coastal Observer had their “Beaches” section and again ran the article about Kathi A.’s amazing experience with Gimpy! Also on the homepage of yesterday, there was a sad photo of a green sea turtle being sold at a market in Uruguay:( This is a common practice for many third world countries that are dependent on turtles for food. Tourists add to the market by buying their carapaces.

DEB 3 HOB 4  SCUTE 17 SC 548

5-28-21 Lourdes had this crawl south of #11mm and located eggs making it DEB03!
5-28-21 Bob B. found this crawl in Ocean Green and knew it had to relocated since it was below the spring tide.
5-28-21 Bob found a good homesite for HOB03 just south of Ocean Green.
5-28-21 Bill located HOB04 in a long area of disturbance. Unfortunately, the sun was too high and hot to relocate the nest out of Ocean Green. It will be moved in 2 weeks.
5-28-21 Pick up a copy of this week’s Coastal Observer which features its’ Beaches section. They re-ran the incredible story of how Kathi A. aided a 3 flippered turtle named Gimpy lay her eggs.
The home page of has a sad photo of a green sea turtle in a market in Uruguay. These less developed, poor countries depend on turtles for food.