This is feeling like the peak nesting time which we thought had passed! There is so much turtle activity and soon the turtles will be coming and going.

North: Martha found a crawl with a distinctive barnacle mark and concise body pit south #9mm in the flat of the beach. Walking on, she noticed a fox/coyote had been all over DEB37R from yesterday. The sudden interest is concerning…ugh. Returning from the inlet, Martha found and relocated the DEB39 directly back to the base of the dunes. Good solo relo!

Hobcaw: Wendy had multiple crawls this morning starting with a crawl high atop the pushed up Ocean Green dune. Just south there was another crawl at #0mm right in the walkway. South #7mm there was a crawl in the scarp of the dune with nest potential. North #14mm, Wendy found a meandering dune crawl but didn’t hold out a lot of hope for it. Here is how activity played out on Wendy’s big Hobcaw morning: HOBFC15   False crawl north #14mm    HOB30  Natural  south #7mm   
HOBFC16  False crawl  #0mm    HOB31  Natural  north #0mm   

DEB 39 HOB 31 SCUTE 170 SC 4446

Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop 5K Run/Walk – October 23!!

7-17-21 Martha, walking the North, found this crawl with nest potential south #9mm. Notice the barnacle mark in her crawl.
7-17-21 DEB39 was relocated to better habitat. Good job Martha!
7-17-21 There have been several crawls in Ocean Green where the turtle scaled the tall pushed up dune and nested on top.
7-17-21 HOB31 is on high ground for incubation of the eggs beneath.
7-17-21 HOB30 was laid at the base of the dunes south #7mm on Hobcaw.
Wendy located the egg chamber of HOB30, left it natural and protected it with a screen.
7-17-21 We are calling the stretch just south of Ocean Green The Nursery! We have had to relocate all these nests from the base of the dunes in Ocean Green to this location for safer incubation.